THANK YOU for being an OWNER and investing your time, talents and treasure in the ministry of gracespring in 2017! Our leadership team counts it a privilege to LEAD our PEOPLE and MANAGE the RESOURCES with which we are entrusted. Will you consider making a generous financial investment into the ministry to help us meet our 2017 financial needs and allow us to kick off 2018 well?

As we launch into the new year, we are looking forward to partnering with you to achieve our upcoming 8 INITIATIVES for 2018!


Give ‘em a break


Give our growing number of special needs kids a break by helping us provide a  “break room” (quiet space with calmer colors, sensory items, places to sit, softer lighting) for the kids to decompress.


Off the Phone Screens to be with Fellow Teens


Convert the Venue meeting space into a multipurpose Gym – Phase One (removing light bars, replacing sound/video equipment, adding ball storage, purchasing basketball hoops, and other sports equipment)


Resource Not Divorce


Marriages are failing at a ridiculous rate. Protect marriages by providing a scholarship for couples to attend garcespring’s “Safeguarding Your Marriage” conference this February 9-10.


From Black & White to Color


Equip our gsKidz team to teach the black and white words of the Bible in vibrant color by upgrading their Theater
(large group room) with  theatrical lighting, a backstage access for skits, Flat Screen TV’s to show videos, lyrics, etc.


It’s Not a Dead End


We all go through things in life where it is crucial to have outside help.  Restore hope and provide healing in many lives by paying for a day of counseling (individual, couples, financial, pain, support, grief share, PTSD, etc) at our gracespring Response Care Center.


Give Some to Feed Some


Feed one family of 4 this season from our Food Pantry.


Seconds Please


People come on Sundays, but just sometimes need more. Each Wednesday, hundreds of gracespringers from 5-85 years old come to deepen their knowledge of Scripture, be encouraged in relationships with our staff and fellow believers, and learn how to live more passionately for Jesus.


Debt Free is the Way to Be


Money problems are among the biggest reasons for arguments in and explosions of families. Help teach our families about money by providing scholarships for a class on Biblical finance (The Legacy Journey).