Interested in being baptized?

Jesus gave His followers the command to “make disciples,” and one of the key components of that disciple-making process was the “baptizing” of those disciples.

Our next Believer Baptism is TBD.

Jesus paved the way for us by being baptized Himself. The Bible teaches us in Romans 6 that baptism is a picture of what happened to Jesus.  As a person is immersed into the water, a person is identifying with the death of Jesus, and acknowledging that Jesus paid the debt for his or her sin.  When the person comes out of the water, it is a symbolic representation of Jesus’ resurrection. By being baptized a person is saying, I have already placed my personal faith in Jesus Christ.  I have repented of my sin, received the forgiveness of God which Jesus provided in His death.  I am also by faith claiming the gift of eternal life, which Jesus provided by His resurrection from the dead.

Baptism is a powerful picture of what Jesus did for us on the cross and through an empty tomb!  It is a public witness of something that has already transpired in one’s heart.  By being baptized a person is telling all family and friends and the world of his or her allegiance to Jesus Christ.

Water baptism does not make a person a Christian.  It simply declares that a person has already become a Christian.  Water baptism is not a requirement of salvation, but it is an important act of obedience and submission.