The Wonder of the Grace of God

As we conclude our time in Romans 12, I am reminded just how ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ any of this instruction given is without the GRACE OF GOD. The Bible reminds us time and time again that we are absolutely helpless without God’s grace that makes salvation possible each and every day from whatever robs us of life.

A buddy of mine sent an article that was a great reminder that the way of God’s grace is the ‘courage to be ordinary’. When I, instead, fall into the pressures to be extraordinarily ‘on top of it’, I find exhaustion and loneliness in trying to keep up the image. Do you ever feel the pressure of this? However, when I rest in the power of God’s grace, I can be who I am, lead in God’s direction, and trust He is moving in the hearts of His people in ways that ONLY He can do. May it never be said of gracespring that we are sharp and innovative enough to no longer need God. We desperately need Him each day!

I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to fill out the ‘40 Days of He>me Plan’ found on the gracespring Bible Church App. These are a list of ‘next steps’ that prompt you to take a next step in ‘growing up to look like Jesus’. This is what being a DISCIPLE of Jesus is all about. Fill this out, e-mail results to yourself as well as a friend who can hold you accountable to the follow-through. Remember, that the walk of faith is a WE thing more than even a ME thing.

May you continue to be a disciple of Jesus, and dare to be used of God to come alongside others in pointing people to Jesus.

Post by Pastor Bryan Tema

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