Exodus (Part 2)

Identity: Transitional time for Israel.  God has now delivered. Again, we must remember that there is a difference between being set free and living free. We will see how God establishes His people to be a holy people, a blessing to the nations.

Personal Growth

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Family Growth

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January 27 | Developing a Heavenly Appetite (Exodus 15:22 – 16:36)

Big Idea: God sovereignly uses earthly tests to develop a heavenly appetite in us.

January 20 | The Gift of Music (Exodus 15:1-21)

Big Idea: Singing honors God and inspires others to honor Him as God as well.

January 13 | Red Sea Crossing (Exodus 14:1-31)

Big Idea: God is most glorified in us when are are most secure in Him. For God to get the glory, He must do the fighting. (14:14)

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