Gary VanDeWeert

Facilities Manager

Gary and his wife, Sandy, have been a part of gracespring Bible Church since 2000. Together, they have been involved with almost every ministry area within the church. They have three children as well. Gary grew up on a dairy farm in New York where he met Sandy, they married and moved to Wisconsin where Sandy completed a pediatric residency and Gary added a degree in Ag Mechanics and Business Management. They moved to the Kalamazoo area in 1987 where Gary spent a few years as a deacon consultant for the Kalamazoo Deacons’ Conference. Wanting to get back into agriculture, he worked a number of years with dairy farmers in Michigan building and installing large milking systems on SW Michigan dairies. He always had an interest in building and mechanics and did building, remodeling and mechanical systems repair work in the area. Gary is skilled in many areas and looks forward to using his abilities and interests to improve the church infrastructure and facilities.

Three facts about Gary

His left foot is almost


inch shorter than his right due to a farm accident.

He changes


furnace filters a year at gracespring.

It has been


years since his 28th birthday.