messages on the go

1. Install iTunes
iTunes is a music program, yes, but it's also designed to receive podcasts. The latest version of iTunes is available directly from Apple's website (click here). iTunes is free and is available for both Mac and PC. But you do not have to use itunes to listen to the messages.

2. Subscribe
If you are using iTunes, you have to subscribe to our podcast. All you have to do is click the subscribe button below and iTunes will launch and go directly to our podcast profile. You'll see our podcast page with a listing of our most recent messages. (You can download an individual message from here, also.) But if you do not use itunes and would rather just download the audio or subscribe using a different music player feel free to do so by clicking the other button below.


Please note,
if you are using Google Chrome as browser, you may have to download this extension to support podcast formats. Click here for the extension, thanks.

3. Download
As soon as you've successfully subscribed, the latest message will automatically begin downloading and you will see the previous messages listed (but greyed out). Please allow some time for the download, since the file size can be large depending on sermon length. After it is complete, you may begin listening to the message.