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At gsYouth we exist to see students own their faith, develop strong community, and join Jesus on his mission. We believe that one of the best ways to do this is to resource YOU – their parents! We exist to partner with you because we believe that you are the primary discipler of your student. We hope these resources equip you to have awesome conversations with your students and to dive deeper into week in and week out discipleship in your family!

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Current Series


Do you ever felt like you’re putting on a show? Like the person people think  you are doesn’t line up with who you really are? Or maybe you’ve been known to put on different personas for different situations — personas that help you fit in with certain crowds, even if that persona doesn’t reflect who you really want to be. Sound familiar? Of course it does. We can all relate because, at times, we all struggle with the same big questions: “Who am I? Who loves me? Why am I here?” In this 4-week series on identity, you’ll help students find answers to those questions as they discover that, in Jesus, they are loved, they are forgiven, they have purpose, and they belong.

Week 1: You are Loved

Week 2: You are Forgiven

Week 3: You have a Purpose and You Belong

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We’ve all heard it before. “Be bold!” “Don’t be ashamed!” “Take a stand!” But let’s be honest. Being bold about your faith can be awkward, intimidating, or just plain terrifying—especially when you’re a teenager who’s already feeling pressure to be liked and accepted. In this 4-week series, you’ll acknowledge that challenge, then encourage students to grow in their boldness as you walk through a few key stories in the book of Daniel. These four stories help us see that being bold begins when we fill up on God, surround ourselves with like-minded people, choose peace even when it’s difficult, and practice boldness consistently.

Calendar of Events

  • Middle School Camp Out // October 6-7  // click here to register
  • Saturday Serve // October 13 from 9:00 am – Noon
  • Family Meal/Parent Meeting // October 10
  • Halloween Community Outreaches // October 31
  • Ignition // November 2-4  (Registration will be available soon)


  • Parent Handbook PDF – Our parent handbook PDF has upcoming events, our gsYouth ministry, our staff / leaders, and much more!
  • Circle App – An app for parents to use to help manage your student’s Internet-connected devices easy! Circle lets you manage every connected device on your home network, both wireless and wired, without ever needing to put software on them.
  • Growing Leaders’ Blog – A blog for leaders who know where they’re going. The average American makes seven major life decisions; five of those are made in college.