Four Easy Steps

  1. Read gracespring's Statement of Faith
  2. Our Statement of Faith is a summary of the doctrine that is held by this church. Before becoming a member we need to know if you are in agreement with our stated beliefs.

    Note: If there is any part of our Statement of Faith that you struggle with, please talk with a pastor.

  3. Complete a Membership Application
  4. The Membership Application helps us to get to know you better by learning about your prior church experience, ministry experience, and your testimony – as well as providing us with your contact information.

    Another part of this application is to read and sign the Individual Membership Covenant in which you acknowledge that you:

        •   have placed your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior by grace alone
        •   agree to serve with your talents and spiritual gifts
        •   commit to regular giving
        •   protect the unity of the Body by resolving conflict Biblically
        •   are a witness to your faith in a positive way

    Note: If you have questions about the Individual Membership Covenant, a pastor will be happy to talk with you for clarification purposes.

  5. Attend gracespring eXperience
  6. The purpose of gracespring experience is to help each person understand the unique ways that we do ministry at gracespring and how to become involved. This small commitment of time will enable each person to feel connected to the life and ministry of the church.  If you are applying for membership before attending gracespring experience, we ask that you agree to attend a class at your first availability.  The class is offered multiple times a year.

  7. Meet for a Membership Interview
  8. Our Elder-appointed membership interviewer will take some time to answer any questions you might have about us and may ask you questions we have after reviewing your application.  We’d also like to take your picture for our records (or you can email us a photo).

If you have any questions, please email us at