Prayer can take many forms. Whether you are new to regular prayer or training up others to pray, there are some simple steps that can lead to great depth in our conversations with God. Here’s a practical lesson on praying with your kids that we learned at the church Marriage conference (safeguarding your marriage) back in February.

You may have heard of the following acronym to help guide you through prayer. ACTS. It stands for…

A adoration

C confession

T thanksgiving

S supplication

To help children or new believers learn this, here are 4 starters you can use to lead and then go around so everyone speaks a turn:

“You are awesome” (adoration)

“I’m sorry for…” (confession)

“Thank you for…” (thanksgiving)

“Please help…” (Supplication)

Examples in a parent/child situation:

Parent “God you are awesome!”

Child “You are loving!”

Parent “I’m sorry for losing my patience.”

Child “I’m sorry for hitting today.”

Parent “Thank you for our family.”

Child “Thank you for my friends.”

Parent “Please help me to love my neighbors”

Child “Please protect my friends.”


This seems so simple but yet brings out so much more depth in praying together. It has been such a great tool for my family. I hope it encourages you as you teach and model for your children and new believers how to be in communication with our Heavenly Father.

Post by Cindi Schubert, gracespringer

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