4-week series on Growing Countercultural Families

February 2020

So many of the belief systems, behavior, and values of our culture collide with what God says leads to life. The young generation, while seeking to find life in causes, is being caught in a worldview that is taking them out to sea. Meanwhile, churches, in trying to be relevant, find themselves drifting into the same current and losing their distinction as messengers of hope.

For this series, we will be digging into the book of 1st Peter to help us fight the tide as we dig into truth, love, and grace. This series will remind us how the Church has been called by God to be set apart and distinct, pointing people to a living hope that empowers us to stand strong against the tide of our culture and move into God’s provision of new life.

Family Classes for Against the Tide series

During the month of February, we want to challenge our families to live counter-culturally. Through classes and seminars this month, we have several opportunities to help train and equip your family to embrace the unique challenges of raising Godly families. We will be featuring several two week intensives on: Family Milestones, Foster Carr, and Rhythms of Sabbath and Devotion within your family. Click the link below to check out when and where these classes will be!

View the February Classes & Schedule PDF

Additional Resources for this Growth Guide:

We want to encourage you through this series to open your heart and mind to the ways that God would inspire you to read his word. Here is a list of resources that we would encourage you to look into as you dig into God’s word throughout this guide:

RightNow Media:
The Book of 1st Peter by Kyle Idleman
Parenting by David Tripp
Culture Shock by Chip Ingram
Take Heart by Matt Chandler
Intentional Parenting by Doug Fields

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Right Now Media Resources

by Paul David Tripp
Family Worship by Donald S. Whitney
Take Heart by Matt Chandler
Growing With by Kara Powell and Steve Argue
Disappearing Church by Mark Sayers
Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard
Reframing Foster Care by Jason Johnson

Book Resources

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