One of the most beneficial and important opportunities that we offer at gracespring are our gsLIFE Groups. Groups are generally arranged based on life-stage and proximity and most of our groups have 8-10 people. Groups are a strategic opportunity to spend time in community while breaking bread, sharing life, growing together, and reaching out into our communities. Each group focuses on how to belong, grow, and reach at gracespring within the context of their group. We launch new groups in September and January each year.

Find / Host A Group

Find a Group
Lead a Group

Click the button to be taken to an online form for you to fill out and we will then contact you about a group that fits your desired criteria!

Click the button to be taken to an online form for you to fill out and we will then contact you about the possibility of you hosting a group!

Growth Guides and Resources

In order to equip all of our groups to connect with each other each week and get into God’s Word, we have subscribed to RightNow Media, kind of a Netflix for Bible study material. We also have a team of people who write discussion questions based off of each Sunday’s sermon.

Each week the questions include the following categories:

BELONG – let’s get the discussion going! Start with open ended “get to know you” type questions.
GROW – what does God’s Word have to say about that? Dig into the Bible and discuss sermon inspired content and related Bible text.
REACH – now, what should I do about it? How am I going to take my knowledge and share it with the community in which we live, work and play.

These questions and other resources can be found in our Growth Guide.

gsCONNECT Groups

gsCONNECT Groups are another form of community at gracespring. Acts 2:42 talks about the early church when it says, “they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” This is the type of atmosphere you will find at a gsConnect group. These groups are created to encompass a larger number of people than traditional gsLIFE Groups (20-40 people) and focus specifically on connection, community, food, and discussion. We currently have two types of Connect Groups at gracespring. Connect Lifestage Groups focus on connecting people who are in similar life-stages (young marrieds, young singles, 55+, etc), and Connect Missional Groups focus on connecting people with a common missional opportunity (teen mentoring with Youth For Christ, Homeless Ministry, etc).

For more information on gsCONNECT Groups, fill out this form to chat with our team.



The desire of the Women’s Ministry Team at gracespring is to create the backdrop for women to grow in relationship with Christ and one another. We love seeing lives changed through the intervening power of the Holy Spirit. We love seeing women in authentic, grace-filled relationships that disciple and encourage across generations.

Please click here to learn more about gsWOMEN and check out our upcoming events!



The purpose of the gsMEN’s ministry is to develop strong men of God.

Our desire is to bring men of all walks of life together to share friendship and spiritual growth so they may help to transform their families, church, and community for Christ.

We have multiple men’s events, including a monthly Men’s breakfast, and would love to see you there. Learn more about our Men’s ministry by clicking here.

Common Interest Groups

Common Interest Groups provide a network of people who have a shared interest or goal to connect with each other. Do you like to scrapbook, play board games, shoot handguns, or smoke food? There is a group for that, and more! While each CIG establishes its own unique agenda, schedule of meetings and goals, the overall purpose of the CIGs is to connect with like minded people, learn from each other and just have fun! Below are the Common Interest Groups we offer:

50+ group

50+ Group

Adults (ages 50 & older)

Our 50+ Group are people who are over 50 who enjoy getting to know others, doing fun things, and serving together. They have various events throughout the year. If you are interested in knowing more about this group, please contact Robbi Bourne by email at or by phone at 269.615.5231.

Piecemakers / Quilters

Piecemakers / Quilters

First Monday of each month (September through June)

Do you like to quilt or want to learn and would love the opportunity to get to know other ladies in the church? Bring your machine and/or handwork and we would love to work alongside you, learn from each other and have some of the experienced ladies teach you in the process. We meet the first Monday of each month September through June 3:00PM – 7:00PM in Rooms 300-304. Want more info, or to be added to the communications list? Contact Elaine DeYoung at // 269.685.7044

Game Night

Game Night

Every Other Sunday Night

Do you enjoy laughing with others while playing board games? Come and join us every other Sunday night in a casual environment full of board games, movies, and fellowship!

Want more info? Contact Ted Dornbos at  269.207.6677

Cut ups / Scrapbooking

Cut ups / Scrapbooking

On specific weekends throughout the year

Are you crafty or just enjoy time with scissors and pictures? Come and bring your gear and paper crafting projects and join others who love to do scrapbooking. This group meets on various Fridays & Saturdays throughout the year. To find out when they meet next, please contact Sally Tanner at or call her at 269.274.9083.

Seasoned Sisters

Seasoned Sisters

Women 50+ yrs old

Are you over 50 and would love the opportunity to be connected to other women in the church? Join us on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 9:00 a.m. at Michelle’s Restaurant (4010 Gull Rd, Kalamazoo, MI). Sister, we have a place at the table for you! With the combined years of experience and wisdom around our table, you will find friends in your same place in life that would love to get to know you!

Want more info? Contact Sandy Skartsiaris at 269.720.9916

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling

Days vary throughout the year

Want to learn more about connecting your faith and creativity? Join us the frst Saturday of every month for a fun workshop where you’ll learn a new Bible journaling technique and spend time together creating in the Word. To learn more about Bible journaling and to stay up to date on upcoming events, check out our Facebook group Anchored Hope Bible Journaling Friends.For more information, contact Ashley Roe at or by phone/text at 269.366.8714.

gsFitness & REFIT Kalamazoo

gsFitness & REFIT Kalamazoo

Step Aerobics, ReFIT, Yoga, Pilates, and Rev & Flow

gsFITNESS offers multiple class formats structured for the purpose of conditioning the body, mind, and soul.

For more information, check our our gsFITNESS Kit, go HERE, or contact Angie Foster-Goodrich by email at