Mikayla Tema

Worship & Creative Arts Assistant

Mikayla was raised in Marne, MI by two amazing parents and attended Coopersville Area Public Schools. Growing up, Mikayla was very involved in church. She volunteered in nursery, kids ministry, choir, and the praise team. She struggled with common questions about her faith, but that only made her desire to understand and know the Lord stronger. After graduation, Mikayla continued her education at Western Michigan University for a bachelors degree in elementary education. However, throughout this journey, the Lord kept nudging Mikayla toward her calling in Worship Ministry. So after months of prayer and preparation, she visited multiple churches in search for the place God wanted her. In this pursuit, God prompted her to turn left instead of the normal way home and she ended up in the Gracespring parking lot very confused. This is the very short story of how God brought her to our family in November of 2016, and has been able to use the gifts God has given her to advance the Kingdom at gracespring Bible Church.

Three facts about Mikayla

She has written over



She had a country album produced in


She loves to play golf, but hits the ball


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