Bob & Gayle Murray

United States

Current Ministry: SIM Midwest Regional Director working in MI, IN, IL, WI, MN, IA, MO
Mission Board: SIM USA
Bio: After serving in Nigeria for 21 years, the Lord, through the leadership of SIM, called us “home” to: 1) work in churches by introducing, building, supporting, or developing their missions program, 2) regularly visit college campuses, challenging students to evaluate where the Lord might be calling and preparing them to serve, 3) participate in training and encouraging new missionary appointees as they prepare for their fields of service and maintain an on-going relationship with them of prayer and emotional support throughout their years of service, and 4) visit and encourage missionaries who are currently on “home assignment”, support the children of missionaries who remain in the US while their parents return to their fields of service, and encourage and support retirees.
Phone: 734.941.8111 (home) // Email: &

Dwight & Melissa Poggemiller


Current Ministry: Leadership Development and Discipleship Multiplication
Mission Board: Greater Europe Mission
Bio: Our family has served together in Romania for the past ten years (for four years prior to that, Dwight was serving in Romania single). The Lord has called us here to raise up leaders for His Body with a view to furthering movements of discipleship multiplication. We are blessed to be able to encourage a growing missions movement as Romanians pursue the Great Commission, taking the Gospel to the nations. We have the privilege of serving our friends in the region around Romania as well.
Phone: 1-269-929-9894 (US Number which rings at our home/office in Romania)
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Tom & Michele O’Brien

South East Asia

Current Ministry: Church planting among the least-reached in South East Asia.
Mission Board: Christar
Bio: Tom and Michele O’Brien have served among the least reached of Mindanao since 1985. They have planted a church called MMKI that is now sending out their own missionaries to least reached peoples. This is made possible by their business endeavor called Perfectly Natural Herbs. The church is organically growing and processing medicinal herbal teas and capsules for the Philippines, USA and Europe.

Tom and Michele are currently mentoring church planters from the Philippines to serve in neighboring Asian nations. Pray for the churches in the Philippines and our present host nation to reach out the the majority population.


Micah & Grace Rwothomio


Current Ministry: Church Planting on our main University Campus andLeadership development
Mission Board: Partners In Evangelism International
Bio: Micah and Grace Rwothumio, graduates of Moody Bible school are involved in church planting at Makerere University in Kampala reaching out to Uganda’s future leaders. Touching a nation from the top, the Rwothumio’s have been involved in ministry since 1995. They have also a Bible School that provides training for rural pastors. Married with two girls who are in High School the Rwothumio’s live in Kampala.

Cornel & Ana Fogorosiu

Transylvania Region, Romania

Current Ministry: National Missionary Pastor
Mission Board: Partners In Evangelism International – Romania
Bio: Pastor Cornel is the pastor of two rural churches that he planted in the villages of Nou and Hasag. The people of these villages live in very difficult conditions and the majority are very poor. Pastor Cornel also works as a Bible teacher (Religious Studies) at the public elementary school in the village of Nou. His ministry emphasis is to help the believers in his two churches to know the LORD better, to live a life of obedience and together with them, to evangelize those who do not know the LORD, and to help the children to learn about the Lord Jesus and His ministry. His wife Ana (nicknamed Nutsi, pronounced “Nootsie”) teaches children’s Sunday School. Together they are involved in organizing and leading Christian camps for children, youth, and women.

Michael & Tracy Wright

Papua New Guinea

Current Ministry: Support to Bible Translation
Mission Board: Wycliffe Bible Translators
Bio: Michael and Tracy Wright along with their 5 children have served in a support role in Papua New Guinea with Wycliffe Bible Translators since 2008. Michael is a carpenter/trainer and has used his skills to train nationals to meet the construction needs for Bible Translation in Papua New Guinea. The Wrights are currently on special assignment with Wycliffe in the U.S.

Pavel & Larisa Petihacinai


Current Ministry: National Director of Partners in Evangelism International in Ukraine, Eastern Europe
Mission Board: Partners In Evangelism International – Ukraine
Bio: Pastor Pavel has been involved in Partners in Evangelism for the past 11 years. He has a heart for the young people, discipleship and equipping future leaders for the local needs as well as preparing missionaries who would go out to other former Soviet areas. As the PIEI national director for Ukraine, he oversees the mission work of 11 other national PIEI missionaries, with an emphasis on reaching the young people and discipleship. His wife Larisa is the PIEI Secretary in Ukraine, and also is very involved in music and women’s ministry. She helps out at summer camps, evangelistic meetings, outings, being always by his side, helping and encouraging. She is a great hostess and helps with organizing of events.

Stan & Nicki McDonald

Costa Rica

Current Ministry: Teaching Authorities Christian Truth In Central America
Mission Board: T.A.C.T.I.C.A Ministries
Bio: Stan served as a Police Officer in Kalamazoo for 20+ years. He and his wife went into full time ministry in 2016 and currently serve in Costa Rica through TACTICA. The mission of TACTICA is to fulfill the great commission by investing into the lives of Central American authorities and their families through high quality police training, evangelism, and discipleship. They utilize training as a creative platform in order to build relationships, grow public safety officials in their faith, connect them to a local church, and provide a solid foundation of trust for sharing the Gospel.
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Andrew & Alanna Brown

North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

Current Ministry: While both Andrew and Alanna are involved in shepherding, coaching, and training missionaries for SEND International, Andrew’s principle responsibility is counseling missionaries at ALONGSIDE.
Mission Board: Send International & ALONGSIDE
Bio: Both Andrew and Alanna are graduates of Moody Bible Institute. Andrew also has a Master’s degree in counseling. They have served together as missionaries in the Middle East for two terms. Alanna now coaches SEND missionaries, and Andrew counsels missionaries at ALONGSIDE, while remaining a member of SEND International.