6-week series

April 19 – May 31, 2020

COVID-19 has totally disrupted the world on a scale that we have never seen before. Could it be possible that God is trying to get our attention?  This wouldn’t be the first time. There was a time in Israel’s history where everything appeared to be going very well: Economically, the stock market was up and unemployment was down. Militarily they experienced peace with their neighbors. Spiritually their Temple practices were humming along. Surely, the Lord was blessing them, right? Yet, in the midst of this ‘prosperity’, there were some unpopular prophets proclaiming a message from God:  “Return to Me.”

Over the next 7 weeks, we are going to be looking at the messages from 6 guys we call the minor prophets, taking a one-week break for Mother’s Day. There were 12 minor prophets in all (Hosea – Malachi) forming one book which was often referred to as “The 12”. These were not minor because their message was insignificant, but because these were short books written to a people who had turned their backs on God. Look at human history, and rarely will see financial ruin or military disaster bring a nation down. What does bring a nation down is SIN – rebellion against God. Each of these prophets will address a particular sin and remind us of that characteristic of God that gives us the power to crush that sin.

Additional Resources for this Growth Guide:

We want to encourage you through this series to open your heart and mind to the ways that God would inspire you to read his word. Here is a list of resources that we would encourage you to look into as you dig into God’s word throughout this guide:

RightNow Media:
The Bible Project Read Scriptures Series – Each of the Minor Prophets has a “How to Read” video Idols by Ed Young.
The Real God by Chip Ingram
Managing Our Finances God’s Way by Crown Financial
The Book of Jonah by Eric Mason
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Right Now Media Resources

The Message of the Minor Prophets by Hayes Press
The Wiersbe Bible Study Series on Minor Prophets by Warren Wiersbe
Gods at War by Kyle Idleman
The Real God by Chip Ingram
The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Book Resources

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