Spiritual Practices / Resources

We realize that the world around us looks very different than normal right now. With social distancing, businesses closing for a time, and digital church, we wanted to provide you with a weekly resource to help encourage and inspire you to look to God for the answers to life’s questions. Below, you will find a spiritual practice to help us focus on God, resources to take advantage of, and some practical tips for living out your faith this week.

Spiritual Practice of the Week

Silence and Solitude:
Nothing is harder for our culture than unplugging. Turning the noise and distractions off might sound scary or even peaceful, but how often do we really do it? Just take a minute to think about all of the noise around you. Television, music, children, car radios, cell phones, social media… it’s incessant. The practice we’re focusing on this week might be difficult, but it’s one that will enrich your spiritual life in really important ways.

  • Practicing Silence and Solitude has the opportunity to quiet our souls, tune out the noise, and make ourselves present with the one true God. The less we talk or think, the more we hear. And the more we turn down the volume on the world around us, the more opportunity we’ll have to be present and attentive to the voice of God. So try this during your daily time of prayer and reading:
  • Pick a time where there’s no distraction. Maybe wake up before the kids or others in the house.
  • Find a spot where there isn’t temptation to turn on the phone or television.
  • Sit quietly.
  • Focus your breathing – some really smart people have suggested using phrases as you breathe in and out. Breathe in and think, “Be still.” Breathe out and think, “Know God.”
  • Do everything you can to clear your mind – when thoughts or distractions come in, visualize yourself taking them in your hands and throwing them away.
  • Ask God to speak to you and tell Him you are listening.
  • Sit in his presence.
  • Try to set a goal of an amount of time you’d like to spend each day in silence and solitude this week. It might start as 5 minutes. I bet you’ll start to crave it!

Resources to Dig Into:
Whisper by Mark Batterson
Forty Days of Prayer by Scott and Karen Hagen

Scripture Verses for All of Life’s Issues:


Put it to Work:

In the midst of what is happening in the world around us, there is ample opportunity for believers to innovate and be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world around us. Pray this week for opportunities to see outside of your normal schedule and objectives and to show the love and hope of Jesus Christ to the world around you. Here are some practical ideas:

  • Help provide meals for those who are in need.
  • Go grocery shopping for someone.
  • Send meals through delivery to families.
  • Use your phone for good! Call, text, or email people and check on them.
  • Call food banks and shelters and see what they need.